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Jimmy Williams Gallery And Studio

October 31st, 2019

Jimmy Williams Gallery And Studio

...I've been a creative person all my of life, growing up on the west side in the Lawndale area and hanging around the black panthers at the age 8-9-10, has helped me to see the real world and my escape was art. Moving to Cabrini Green, Roseland and now West Englewood the colors I see are beautiful. Self-taught and hungry, my very first job as an artist was at a neighborhood screen printing shop called PT very first corporate job was on Michigan avenue called Parrot Color/Graphic Warehouse, as a production trainee, moving up to manager in 3 years, gave me the confidence to move on, in 5 years to open up my own company shop called Abstracts T-shirts (Sept 1990 to August 1995). With my own company the doors where open. Moving into my own home and building a home base business was easy and less stressful, now my life is filled with creating concepts and still growing as an artist, my visions are very well defined thru outlets like print-on-demand companies alone side my original one of a kind artwork and positioning them in the art gallery market.
My medium is Abstract Art... I'm a very creative being and a true narcissus when it comes to creating my visions, I must be in control at all times because my visions are mine. Blending colors, moving and directing the strokes of my instruments to create new and complex layers of visuals...will keep patrons wondering in their own thoughts of what my concepts are, brings me true delight and color and direction, keeping it simple.